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Are you looking for Gearbox for your vehicle?

Optimal functioning of the gearbox is imperative to ensure safe driving. The gearbox is responsible for increasing the torque output and changing the motor's speed or RPM. Hence, if there are underlying faults in the gearbox, it will severely affect the accelerating property and the engine's performance of a vehicle. As a result, a routine gearbox inspection becomes essential.

If you are looking for a workshop that can provide comprehensive gearbox checks and services, consider visiting Central Auto Repair Services.

We are a trusted destination for gearbox replacement Worthing. Our team of experts can deal with gearbox related issues of almost all vehicle segments with utmost efficiency and care. We work with state-of-the-art equipment to inspect all gearbox components and deliver prompt replacement solutions.

Symptoms Of A Faulty Gearbox

Here are the following symptoms that you will experience if the gearbox of your car is not performing optimally:

Fluid leakage

Automatic gearbox comes with an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) that helps reduce friction and overheating. Often due to underlying damage in the gearbox, this fluid begins to leak. So if you notice a red or black fluid pooling beneath the vehicle, opt for a detailed inspection of your car’s automatic gearbox Worthing from us.

Check Engine Light

If your car's check engine light is illuminated on the dashboard, it indicates problems in the gearbox besides other probable faults. To avoid driving hazards and costly repair down the line, opt for a gearbox check as soon as possible.

Odd Noise

The gearbox of your car comprises several moving parts. Hence, if any part wears out or is damaged, it can make odd noises like a hum or buzz in a vehicle with automatic transmission. Alternatively, if your car has a manual gearbox, you will hear an odd clunking noise in case of underlying damages.

Central Auto Repair Service can also deal with manual gearbox Worthing in case of issues. Hence, if you have concerns about your vehicle's manual transmission system, visit us without any second thought. We will deal with it with utmost efficiency and care.

Burning Smell

Do you perceive an unusual burning smell inside the cabin?

It is a tell-tale sign of burnt transmission fluid. Hence, you must not waste time and change the gearbox fluid. Burnt gearbox fluid means that your car’s transmission is not getting the adequate lubrication it needs to perform optimally.

How Can We Help?

We will offer a detailed inspection of all gearbox parts using superior quality equipment, which includes:

  • Main shaft
  • Clutch shaft
  • Countershaft
  • Bearings
  • Gears
  • Gear selector fork

If we find severely damaged components, we will offer cost-effective replacements in minimum turn-around time.

We have a great stock of OEM approved parts for various types of gearbox like:

  • Manual gearbox
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Semi-automatic gearbox
  • DSG gearbox
  • Powershift gearbox, etc.

So, you can get the best solution for “gearbox repair near me” searches under one roof at our workshop.

If you wish to know more about gearbox replacement Worthing, please call us on 01903 207219 or come directly to our workshop.

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