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Are you looking for Welding for your vehicle?

If you notice cracks or other impact damages on your car’s chassis, panel, muffler or alloy wheels, you must opt for a professional welding service Worthing .

At Central Auto Repair Services, we offer cost-effective car welding Worthingfor all vehicle models. We use state-of-the-art welding equipment at our garage. Also, our professionals are trained in various car welding processes. They will thoroughly inspect the damaged area and use the most accurate welding methods efficiently.

Why Should You Opt for Welding to Repair Cracks in Your Car’s Body?

A small crack in your car's body may appear as a minor issue initially. However, if not fused and repaired properly, it can lead to corrosion and affect the structural integrity of your vehicle. Also, damages to the general car body can affect your car’s performance in the MOT test as well. Therefore, it is important to opt for professional car welding Worthing to avoid hefty repair bills in the long run and improve your vehicle's roadworthiness.

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals have thorough knowledge and several years of in-hand experience in various welding processes, such as:

TIG Welding

Our experts will use the TIG process to weld major damages or cracks in significant areas like the floorboards or car fenders. No additional substance is required to fuse the cracked metals in the TIG welding process. As a result, it offers clean welds and emits no smoke or soot.

MIG Welding

We also offer MIG welding Worthing at our workshop. The MIG welding process works for a diverse range of metals like aluminium, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Also, the MIG process is faster and cost-effective. It can help repair cracks in the vehicle’s undercarriage or monocoque.

Gas and Arc Welding

This is the most traditional welding process which involves the use of an oxyacetylene mixture. We can use the gas or arc welding procedure to remove cracks in alloy wheels, engine cylinder heads or dents in other bodywork.

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We will have a good look at the damage, explain the best Welding Repair Worthing option and issue an estimate.

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