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Are you looking for Wheel Tracking for your vehicle?

It is imperative to track the wheel angles of a car after every 5,000-6,000 miles. This will help improve fuel efficiency and ensure a comfortable driving experience on all-road conditions.

If you are looking for workshops that offer cost-effective wheel tracking Worthing, come to us Central Auto Repair Services. We have a team of technicians who are adept with the latest technologies used to track and re-align faulty wheel angles. These experts can re-align the miss-aligned wheels of any vehicle segment to their original make in no time. The best part is we maintain a fair pricing policy and offer the wheel tracking service at a budget-friendly rate.

Some Tell-Tale Sign That Indicate Faults in Your Car’s Axle Geometry

  • Off-centre steering wheel
  • Odd juddering on the steering wheel
  • Rapid and uneven tyre wear
  • Drop in fuel economy
  • Car pulling in one direction while driving straight
  • Poor cornering precision
  • Reduced braking efficiency

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you must come down to us for a detailed wheel tracking Worthing. Ignoring these warning signs will cause severe tyre damage and also compromise your on-road driving safety.

About Our Wheel Tracking Service

We are committed to offering you the best solutions for every car issue and hence we heavily invest in upgrading our workshop with the latest equipment. We have superior quality laser sensors and digital cameras that help us check the faults in your car's axle geometry in the least possible time. This advanced wheel tracking machinery offers a 3D modelling of your car’s wheel angles and helps us measure their alignments most accurately.

The angles that we check during wheel tracking Worthing are:


Camber angle is the alignment at which your car’s wheels tilt inward or outward when viewed from the front.


Caster angle measures how forward or backward the steering axis of your car is from the vertical axis of its wheels.


Toe refers to the symmetric alignment that the wheels of a car make with its longitudinal axis.

Following this inspection process, our experts use advanced software to measure the displacement between the current wheel angles from their original make. This helps us align the misaligned wheels of your car to the manufacturer's recommended specification most correctly.

Furthermore, since misaligned wheels affect tyres severely, our experts check the tyre pressure level and tread condition before completing the service for utmost driving safety. If we find any major issues, we will let you know and decide the best course of action.

Hence, end your search for “wheel tracking near me” and come over to us.

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